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Together's special, vegan, plant-based vitamin D3 is produced from lichen. The lichen is from North America and thrives in remote, cool, mountainous climates where the air is clean and pure. It's a small and unique organic species that contains the only plant-based source of vitamin D3. Together's lichen comes from a designated and sustainable growing site where it's allowed to fully re-grow in areas that have been harvested. Together's plant-based, vegan, vitamin D3 is the body's preferred active form. This means it's easily absorbed, and Together have also added a base of coconut oil to further enhance D3 absorption and assimilation of this essential, fat-soluble vitamin.


This product is Vegan.



Coconut oil, tapioca starch, vitamin d3. vegecap (vegetable cellulose).


PLU - 9609

BARCODE - 5060170530474


Together Health Vegan Vitamin D3

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